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Career Clusters

Career Clusters
Please be sure to visit the Achieve Texas College And Career Planning Guides next to each of the clusters Gatesville ISD offers.  These guides provide students with the information necessary to make smarter decisions about education and career options. The Texas Workforce Commission has included 10 fast-growing careers within each cluster along with 10 top-paying careers.
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources is the processing, distribution, and development of agricultural commodities and natural resources. If you love to be outdoors, enjoy caring for plants and animals, and want to help conserve our natural resources, then this could be the right career cluster for you.
Architecture and Construction is the designing, managing, building, and maintaining of the built environment. If you like to design and build things, tinker with tools and technology, or decorate homes and offices, then Architecture and Construction could be the right career cluster for you.
Arts, A/V Technology and Communications is creating, exhibiting, performing and publishing multimedia content. If you have a calling to be creative, yearn to express yourself, or love using new technologies, then Arts, A/V Technology and Communications may be the right career cluster for you.
Business, Management, and Administration is the organizing, directing, and evaluating functions essential to productive business operations. If you see yourself managing teams of people to get projects done, crunching numbers to keep costs down, or becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own venture, then Business, Management and Administration could be the right career cluster for you.
Education and Training is providing education and training services, and related learning support services. If you feel a calling to teach, or would like to work in a favorite subject area, then Education and Training could be the right career cluster for you.
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security provides legal, public safety, protective, and homeland security services. Careers in this cluster concern the important daily duties of protecting and serving the public. If you have a calling to serve others, can keep a cool head under pressure or love the law, then a career in Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security could be the right decision for you.
Health Science provides diagnostic and therapeutic services, health information, support services, and biotechnology research. If you feel a calling to care for others, or want to pursue a profession on the cutting edge of technology, then Health Science may be the right career cluster for you.
Hospitality and Tourism is the managing of restaurants and other food services, lodging, and travel related services. The experts in this cluster are experts at pleasing the public. If you want to see the world, enjoy serving others, or dream of opening a restaurant someday, then Hospitality and Tourism may be the right cluster for you.
Human Services provides for families and serves human needs. The work is sometimes challenging, but the reward of knowing that you have improved someone’s life is immense. If you feel a calling to serve your fellow men and women, feel comfortable caring for people, or want to improve your community, then Human Services could be the right career cluster for you.
Manufacturing is the processing of materials into immediate or final products. Workers are responsible for creative problem solving that ensures companies meet the highest quality standards. If you like building things, can follow detailed instructions, or are good at organizing people and processes, then manufacturing could be the right career for you.
Scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge by seeking to better understand and improve the world around us. They spend their time exploring everything from vast galaxies of stars to the tiniest subatomic particles. They invent the technologies that make our lives easier and more rewarding and develop solutions to problems that threaten our future. Thanks to the men and women on the cutting edge, we know more than ever before. If you are curious about the universe, dream of exploring new worlds of knowledge, or want to solve the planet’s problems, then Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics could be the right career cluster for you.
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics manages movement of people, materials, and goods. These professionals are responsible for ensuring that everyone and everything gets to the right place on time at the lowest possible cost. This cluster includes people who maintain and support the equipment and transportation systems.