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About Dr. Klingler

My name is Tim Klingler, but most people around here just call me "Doc"
I am beginning my 14th year as a music educator and my second year in Gatesville ISD.
I've taught in the Austin and Houston areas as well as at the University of Northern Colorado and The University of Arizona, where I did my coursework for my Master and Doctor of music degrees respectively.
I've taken some kind of music lessons consistently since I was about six years old and discovered my passion for singing and musical theatre in 7th grade, when my sister convinced me to switch to choir from band because, "Choir guys get all the chicks!"  While I'm still waiting for that to be true for me, I did discover a talent and a passion for vocal music and quickly decided it was the career for me.
When I'm not teaching, you'll find me exploring Texas in my Jeep (or in my garage tinkering with it), recording and producing music for other musicians, enjoying movies, video games, podcasts, or audiobooks, and spoiling my doggos (Atlas and Tycho) rotten!  I also enjoy weight lifting, woodworking, and doing the occasional gig as a singer or conductor.
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Timothy Klingler
Associate Choir Director