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Hello and welcome to Geography!!

I can be reached at anytime at the following email address: [email protected]
Also, my conference period is 3rd period 9:46-10:38 I can be reached during this time at 254-865-8281.

Michele Fast

This class is designed for the students to not only develop knowledge about World Geography, but understand how the subject affects our present and future. The students will be exposed to the geography and culture of people and places around the globe and be evaluated on their understanding of all these things. We will work hard not only as a class, but also as individuals in things such as; writing skills, critical thinking skills and study skills. These will all be a part of the learning experience in the classroom.

Geography Tutoring Hours:

Tuesday Afternoon 4:00-4:25
Wednesday Mornings 7:40-8:00
Other times are available by appointment

The following links will take you to this weeks lesson plan and any homework that is due.

Thank you and have a great week!!!!!!
The video from 10/14/2016 is called Faces of Earth Assembly of Americas