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Hello and welcome to Mrs. Blanchard's webpage. I am looking forward to my fourth year teaching at GHS. I graduated from GHS in 2003. I attended college at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and received my Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2007. This will be my eighth year of teaching.
I have twin girls that turned one in April: Sadie and Penny. They are fraternal twins and are total opposites of each other! They love smiling, laughing, playing, and getting into everything! Their favorite show right now is Puppy Dog pals, so don't be surprised if I tie some episodes into science.  The summer has flown by and I will miss my days with them but look forward to this new school year! 
I have always enjoyed science and absolutely enjoy teaching. I must say, this is my dream job! I have many things planned for this year that will make biology engaging, exciting and educational! All students taking biology must pass the biology EOC in the spring. The date of the biology EOC is Wednesday, May 9, 2016.  It is my goal to have all of my students be successful on this state mandated test. You may find the biology TEKS attached that students are expected to learn this year. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

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Upcoming Test!

I wanted to announce in just one week, Wednesday September 27,  we will be testing over cells. We have learned about cell theories, prokaryotes vs. eukaryotes, and cells and their structures. If you want to start studying, review your notes in your notebook and check out the Amoeba Sisters. 
The cell projects are looking awesome! Remember these are 25% of next week's test. 
I will post below, links to some helpful Amoeba Sisters videos. Keep in mind if they are not your fave, there are a dozen more tutorial videos out there (Ted Ed, Crash Course, Bozeman Science, etc.). 

Finals Schedule

Thursday May 25th Grades 9-11
1st period 8:00-9:20
2nd period 9:25-10:45
3rd period 10:50-12:05
Lunch 12:05-1:05 ***off campus lunch- students do not have to come back if they are exempt from the afternoon finals!
4th period 1:05-2:20
5th period 2:25-3:40

Friday May 26 Grade 9-11
2nd period "attendance" 8:00-8:10
6th period 8:15-9:45
7th period 9:50-11:20
8th period 11:25-12:45
All STUDENTS must remain in exam time slots through 3rd period on Thursday and 8th period on Friday. If you are not testing read a book, work on something, etc.


Hey guys, please do not forget to bring your biology textbook back to school. I know biology is your favorite and all, and it is excellent reading material, but I'm going to need those back... 

PreAP: Owl Pellet homework

Hey guys, just in case you lose your homework assignment, here it is. Remember, this is due THIS THURSDAY! This is 30% of your ecology unit test. 
Your completed bone chart, bone mount, and analysis questions are due at the beginning of class before the written part of your test. 
Please ask questions if you have any BEFORE Wednesday! 

We have concluded our plant unit and moving onto our last unit: Unit 14 Ecosystems! If you were absent today or a bit confused about the Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles, please watch the video posted below. 
We will be taking a unit test (which will include plants) on Thursday, April 13 (yes, that is next week). If you are missing notes, have questions about your notes, or need me to reteach a concept, come in for tutorials. I will have tutorials this Friday morning before school, Monday after school, and Tuesday and Wednesday after school. Don't wait last minute to study for this test; it is the LAST unit test of the year! 

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