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Bell Schedule



New Biology Google Classroom **beginning March 23**

Hi guys! 
It's Friday! Whew...We have officially made it through the first week of "online learning". I know it has been tough and stressful for some of you (including me! lol), but it will get easier! I want to thank each of you for being patient and understanding, as I am still learning all the "ropes" so to speak. Some of you have been working extremely hard...I hope you know it doesn't go unnoticed! :) I have tried to give feedback to all of you who have already emailed/submitted your work to me. If you turned something in to me and did not get any emails/feedback in return, please let me know! 
With that being said, beginning Monday, March 23 (and thereafter), all teachers will be using Google Classroom. I am still new to GC, so please know if I make a mistake, it is unintentional and am still learning! Below is the link to my GC, along with the class code.
Biology Google Classroom link:
Code:  wfu4o5z
So, again, beginning MONDAY 3/23, you will be checking Google Classroom for your assignments instead of here. If I can help in any way, please let me know!
Hope to see you all soon! Have a great weekend! :)
-Mrs. Young

taxonomy visuals

Once finished with the 6 Kingdoms chart, use this attached visual to help you recall:
Picture 1: The 8 Taxa (groups) are in order of broadest to narrowest (meaning big to small). The broader the group (Domain), the more organisms there are in that group. As you go down the chart, you will notice the groups become smaller, meaning there are less organisms in those groups. The last taxon "species", is the most specific group.
Picture 2: There are 3 Domains & 6 Kingdoms.


When finished with reading through the PPT & notes, read this and complete the practice questions. 
As always, please feel free to email me with any questions you may have! :)
Hope you all have a great day!

Lessons this week

Hello everyone! Now that classes have been cancelled for the week, please check here for daily updates and assignments. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Please bare with us, as we are trying to make this as smooth as possible, while trying to provide educational tools and resources to our students. 
Hope to see you all soon! :) 
-Mrs. Young

Notebooks due tomorrow! (10-11)

1. Make sure you have all of Ch. 3 Vocab complete
2. Also, make sure you have "Smart Chemistry" article questions in your notebook